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The Train Ride

TRUE STORY Snowy and cold, I boarded a Metro North Train with four grocery bags. Two in each hand. They’re freezing, heavy, and my fingers are about to fall off.  After a quick… Continue reading

Testimony of A West Elm Walker | AIDSWalkNY 2013

Drenched and soggy, the West Elm team schlepped, trooped, laughed, and danced in the rain, through a six mile stretch of puddles, mud and pavement, in New York City’s Central Park and Riverside… Continue reading

I Braid. My Mother Made Me Do It!

My hair was a HOT mess from 13 to 16 years old, a bully’s playground. At 13 my mother taught me how to braid it and after that I was on my own.… Continue reading

When Love Wore a Winter Coat (Part 1)

When Love wore a winter coat it could not feel the cold, neither did it know what it was getting into. The lining on the inside  was strong, it kept Love warmer than… Continue reading

Finding Balance

The sound of the rain soothes me in ways that the sun could never, but I’d still let it kiss me, I’d let it kiss my skin until it glows, creating a blushing,… Continue reading

Can’t Die With This Music Inside Me

Open up your mouth and sing!  Louder. Smoother. Move. Your. Lips! Singing isn’t as pretty as it seems, take a deep breath, don’t hold it, control it, bend your knees,  relax your shoulders… Continue reading

2011 Double Dutch Holiday Classic At the Apollo Theater

I attended the 20th Annual David A. Walker Memorial Double Dutch Holiday Classic, dubbed the “Superbowl of Double Dutch” with my cousin, Kim and brought back a few snap shots. Kim was really… Continue reading

At Work With A Black Eye

The woman serving my food yesterday had a black eye – my heart dropped, tears swelled, I wanted to hug her. I wanted to hand her my business card, so that if she… Continue reading

Loving In Spite Of The Pain

I always loved with an open heart, despite my scars. I have no baby pictures of myself, neither does my mom, and the ones that I saw were void of smiles. I was… Continue reading

I Am Forever Changed By The Holes of A Flute

Oprah made me do it! She doesn’t know it but she did – I  didn’t need a zillion cable channels, I only requested one;  Channel 115, OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. The earful… Continue reading

Hoping Your Thankgiving Is Delicious & Abundant!

Everyday was Thanksgiving for my cat, Jeebs, he helped himself to whatever, wherever, whenever, then he licked his whiskers like he conquered something. He would  roll over like a human being, stuffed and… Continue reading

How Could Such A Cutie Pie Be So Crazed?

How could such a cutey pie be so crazed?  No plant, thing inanimate or moving, nor frozen meat could survive the wrath of this kitty. The mouse part is goes without saying, but… Continue reading

Second Hand Stuff Fetish! Don’t Judge Me.

“Wow! Gotta have it” was my thought when I walked into a co-worker’s office at the Conservatory of Music and spotted this  funky little, iron magazine rack. It silently begged me to rescue… Continue reading