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Did I mention that I’m thankful for LIFE, not only on Thanksgiving day but everyday? I love life, even when it feels like it doesn’t love me back and the unimaginable happens. I’m… Continue reading


Tomorrow may never come for someone that you may have in mind, so if you’re holding thoughts of them with unsettled tension, please consider releasing them now. Dare to reach beyond the hardness… Continue reading

Cherish The Moment | Sandy’s Wrath

Immersed in autumn’s beauty, I had no idea of Sandy’s wrath, nor of the cold, thicket of snow that would make things evermore difficult for those still without electricity and recovering from this… Continue reading

I’m Open

It’s important to leave room for something, or someone other than ourselves, not on  this rubber tire, of course, but in our minds and heart of hearts. Photo of Ebony Brown by Michael… Continue reading

Evolve, Grow, Do Better

There are those who will remind you  of your missteps and ill choices, despite your growth and progress, regardless of  the many layers that comprise you and so, we must stay strong.  There… Continue reading

How You Respond Makes The Difference

Energy. I like to surround myself with a lot of it, the good, the great, the creative and beautiful kind, but as we all know, otherwise is inevitable. Negative energy is 24/7 relentless,… Continue reading


What is Our Lifespeak? Our Lifespeak is what we tell ourselves and others everyday. I’m convinced that whatever it is that we’re saying throughout our day to ourselves, out loud (not too loud… Continue reading

Surviving The West Indian/Labor Day Parade

Its that time again, and the annual West Indian Day/Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY is upon us and  is not to be attended “as a matter of factly”, doing so, could get… Continue reading

Think With Your Heart

Don’t allow the over thinking of the mind to blur the vision of the heart, is something that I tell myself.  I think way too much – waaay too much! And why do… Continue reading

Stay Strong

Pay attention to where the love, the support, the compassion, the healing, the understanding, the encouragement or overall LIGHT and lightness IS FLOWING IN and less attention to where it is not. SO… Continue reading


Hey there, Missed you! I’ve been somewhere between meditative and contemplative, listening and feeling every bit of my heart beat, my heart speak and its teachings and truths. Lately, life has been symphonic… Continue reading

Let’s Roll

Let’s roll, and if you fall I may not be able catch you, because I may fall too. Then again, I’ve already fallen and although there were no broken bones, there were black… Continue reading

Speak Your Heart

No walls. No doors. No fences. No guards. I am open and so blessed to be the bearer and recipient of genuine love. When people in my life speak and act from their… Continue reading

Anything Is Possible

Good times. Recently, my cell phone was overloaded and so, I had to delete some captured moments in order to make room for more and to restore functionality. My phone slowed down, so… Continue reading

Bussing In The Bronx

Its rare that I ride the bus and on this day, I’m glad that I did. I met some beautiful folks, saw some amazing smiles and heard the laughs and cries of little… Continue reading

My Heart Is Pregnant

When my heart whispered to me, “I’m Pregnant”, I knew exactly what it meant. In that very instant, I felt my life jolted from the reaching jaws of “jaded”, and I saw a… Continue reading

You Should Know Me

“You should KNOW me by now” and “You should KNOW that I love you” was something that someone said to me more than once. Q-tip in hand, I swab these words out of… Continue reading

Like Butterflies And Bocce

Today’s weather in New York City is like butterflies and bocce; bright, fun, full of spring! The object of the game in Bocce is for a team to get/toss as many of their… Continue reading

Judge Me Less

Who likes being judged overtly,  subliminally or even negatively? Not me! However, I will not let that stop me from expressing something that allows me to process, release and ease my mind –… Continue reading

Embracing The Unknown

I found myself contemplating the value of embracing the unknown pertaining to people, situations and things. This desire to know more than what is being shared or communicated with me is slowly, but… Continue reading