500 NAMES Campaign Logo – My Design Makes The Cut!

Is it possible to grow as a designer or an artist without constructive criticism? I submitted my previous design for the 500NAMES campaign and received great feedback. Rock WILK, the client (and amazing artist) requested that I fix ONE thing about the previous design. He wanted me to increase the visibility of the text “FIVE” (located behind “500”). That was it, at least at first. He then  mentioned wanting to be able to use the text “500Names” portion of the design as a logo – which was vital. I changed the opacity of the “FIVE” and it no longer felt strong to me, it felt dark and heavy, and so  I  was compelled to re-approach this project with new eyes, bearing in mind the logo idea. I did the unthinkable and started from scratch, only retaining some portion of the font treatment. The end result is posted above and was submitted. This is the first time that I’ve ever incorporated an  image within the text/characters, which wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t get the feedback that I got. Constructive criticism goes a long way and its important for me as a designer to be open to it and apply it as best as I can.

Rock WILK has already incorporated this design on his website!  Check it out LIVE here.  I think I will still build upon this design and incorporate the names of his donors as I did in the first iteration …the mental wheels are turning…

500 Names Fundraiser Broke Wide Open

Design by Ebony Brown: 500 NAMES

New graphic design work! I’m waiting to hear back from Rock WILK, to see if he likes this design. What do you all think? I usually make two or three iterations of a design for a client but this time I only made ONE – for some reason, I felt very strongly about it, although I’m not quite sure how this design unfolded without  the use of a single photograph. I’ll have an opportunity to add some later because for every 50 something donors, I could possibly create a new poster  listing the latest contributors until the campaign goal of 500 names/donors is reached AND it will be reached – I believe in this artist. I happen to be a proud donor, the very first one for this particular fundraiser and if you dig Theater Arts, music  and true life stories that heal, help and inspire people of all ages, from all walks of life, then take my word and learn more about this project and consider donating too – wow – that would make my day! I don’t know any other artist out there right now that deserves your donation more. Rock WILK is a massive talent and an incredible human being. Help me, help him! If you do actually donate, please let me know.

I’ve seen Rock’s Musical, BROKE WIDE OPEN three times and each time that I’ve seen it, I’ve been moved to tears, to laughter, to deep gratitude, and to a keen sense of renewal, awareness, loss and love. Performed nationally and internationally, the next show  is scheduled for March 2012, in Trenton, New Jersey at the Passage Theater – save the ball park date! More information is on his website.

To learn more about the 500 Names Broke Wide Open Fundraiser  Campaign and to donate, go to www.brokewideopen.com


UPDATES #1 Dec. 19th:

Stephen Young, your name has been added to the list at www.brokewideopen.com as #59 (see below), 439 names to go! $2268 raised so far!


My Graphic Design Work For NYC’s Rock WILK, Playwright, Performer, Poet & Adoptee

MORE EVENT INFO: http://on.fb.me/uU3MtU

USF_Oversized Postcard FRONT_FINAL

Design by Ebony Brown for Rock WILK | United Solo Theatre Festival

Postcard (FRONT)

Postcard (BACK)

Playbill Ad

Event Flyer

Newsletter Ad Design

Postcard, Playbill Ad, Event Flyer, Web & Newsletter Ad Design by Ebony Brown


Graphic Design blah, blah, blah, though I’m proud of my work, I’m extremely proud of the work of Rock WILK and Stephen Bishop Seely. If you have not heard of the name “Rock WILK”, “Stephen Bishop Seely”, nor the musical Broke Wide Open, and you love theater arts, true life stories, and music made with the right balance of soul, love, pain and peace, or you or someone that you know was in some way  impacted by adoption, foster care or some sort of displacement, then seeing Broke Wide Open is a MUST!

Regardless of your life situation, arts preferences, or who you are, Broke Wide Open is one of those pieces that somehow allows for folks to appreciate something that they may not have ever experienced or been interested in (namely, theater or musicals) and not only be entertained and moved by it but learn a lot about one’s self in the process, if you’re open.

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Gift Certificate Design by Ebony Brown

Gift Certificates Design by Ebony Brown

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