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Art, Activism And Creating With Purpose: Ai Weiwei

Anyone could have talent, be incredibly skilled, or create something that gains some Oooos and ahhhhs, maybe some money, or even some shows, but not everyone will create with purpose, or a burning… Continue reading

New Slaves By Kanye West | A Review

Whoa, Did you see Kanye West’s, New Slaves music video? Please watch first, and then read my words; I want you to have your own first reaction without my commentary prefacing your initial… Continue reading

Surviving The West Indian/Labor Day Parade

Its that time again, and the annual West Indian Day/Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn, NY is upon us and  is not to be attended “as a matter of factly”, doing so, could get… Continue reading

Giants Fever In New York City

It was beautiful to be amongst New Yorkers and folks filled to the brim with Super Bowl joy! The experience was bitter-sweet. Located opposite of City Hall Plaza, through the bare, winter trees,… Continue reading

You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Give

The spirit of giving or donating isn’t limited to the OprahS, P. DiddyS and Warren BuffetS of the world – we can do the same as soon as we make up our minds… Continue reading

Design by Ebony Brown: 500 NAMES

New graphic design work! I’m waiting to hear back from Rock WILK, to see if he likes this design. What do you all think? I usually make two or three iterations of a… Continue reading

El Grito De Poetas – Founding Member, Tito Luna

 Tito Luna, Founding Member of  El Grito De Poetas performing his spoken word.

Vintage Car in New York City

I stumbled across this little gem when I was in New York City.

Dear Black Friday, Good Riddance And Thanks!

So, how did you fair?  Did you get that ridiculously insane sale you were hoping for? Did you shop online or in stores?  Dare I openly utter that, I, “Ebony Brown” stood up… Continue reading

Occupy What Street? Free Hugs Here, In New York City!

I hugged a total stranger in New York City and I liked it! What would the world be like if we were quicker to embrace than to judge? [Photo by M. Towns]

Photographs By Ebony Brown From the 2011 ING New York Marathon – Bronx, NY – Coming Soon!

Tune in anywhere! | More Marathon Coverage UPDATE 11/12/11: More Photos were posted! http://bit.ly/rF1BDh UPDATE 11/11/11: Photographs posted (more photos coming!)  http://bit.ly/rF1BDh UPDATE 11/08/11: Photographs by Ebony Brown to be posted  by this… Continue reading