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Violins Beat Violence in NYC

If he were Trayvon Martin (R.I.P.), I would have never heard his music, their music, the sounds of this brother and sister violin duo playing in New York City’s Grand Central subway station… Continue reading

Anything Is Possible

Good times. Recently, my cell phone was overloaded and so, I had to delete some captured moments in order to make room for more and to restore functionality. My phone slowed down, so… Continue reading

Bussing In The Bronx

Its rare that I ride the bus and on this day, I’m glad that I did. I met some beautiful folks, saw some amazing smiles and heard the laughs and cries of little… Continue reading

My Heart Is Pregnant

When my heart whispered to me, “I’m Pregnant”, I knew exactly what it meant. In that very instant, I felt my life jolted from the reaching jaws of “jaded”, and I saw a… Continue reading

You Should Know Me

“You should KNOW me by now” and “You should KNOW that I love you” was something that someone said to me more than once. Q-tip in hand, I swab these words out of… Continue reading

Like Butterflies And Bocce

Today’s weather in New York City is like butterflies and bocce; bright, fun, full of spring! The object of the game in Bocce is for a team to get/toss as many of their… Continue reading

Judge Me Less

Who likes being judged overtly,  subliminally or even negatively? Not me! However, I will not let that stop me from expressing something that allows me to process, release and ease my mind –… Continue reading

Embracing The Unknown

I found myself contemplating the value of embracing the unknown pertaining to people, situations and things. This desire to know more than what is being shared or communicated with me is slowly, but… Continue reading


Collapsed, I am skin and bones, stoic, at the end of my bed and wits. I am outer body experience, opened arms, looking down at my palms, watching each finger close and squeeze… Continue reading

Sending My Love

I’m filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude towards you this Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re in the best of spirits and mood, as well as company, even if you ARE your own company.… Continue reading

Dear Love

Dear Abandoned Love, Forgotten Love Tough Love Sweet Love Heavy Love Stubborn Love Tossed Love On Pause Love What Feels Like Lost Love Or A Lot Of Work Love Tabled Until The Next… Continue reading

The Dark Room Experience

I remember when working in the darkroom was all the rave and shooting digital was some sort of abomination or perversion to the art of photography. To go back even further, there was… Continue reading

Breathe. Release. Renew.

Ralph W. Emerson held my hand here a few times, not literally, but through his literature. Book in hand, I’d come here to relax and read. His words would run their fingers across… Continue reading

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

To forgive is to LET GO  of something. It is a conscious CHOICE to RELEASE whatever it is that fills our minds with a certain uneasiness or contempt when we THINK of, or… Continue reading

Human Kindness & Tough Love

“Human Kindness has never weakened the stamina or softened the fiber of a free people. A nation does not have to be cruel to be tough.” -FDR This quote makes me think about… Continue reading

Turn Up The Volume Of Love?

We can turn up the volume of love whenever we want. We could do this by being more attentive and aware of the love that is inside of us and around us. Though… Continue reading

I Braid. My Mother Made Me Do It!

My hair was a HOT mess from 13 to 16 years old, a bully’s playground. At 13 my mother taught me how to braid it and after that I was on my own.… Continue reading

You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Give

The spirit of giving or donating isn’t limited to the OprahS, P. DiddyS and Warren BuffetS of the world – we can do the same as soon as we make up our minds… Continue reading

When Love Wore a Winter Coat (Part 1)

When Love wore a winter coat it could not feel the cold, neither did it know what it was getting into. The lining on the inside  was strong, it kept Love warmer than… Continue reading

We Don’t Like’em But We Hold’em?

“To carry a grudge is like being stung to death by one bee.” -William H. Walton Hold a grudge and we create a crutch for our inability to move forward. Some of us… Continue reading