Did I mention that I’m thankful for LIFE, not only on Thanksgiving day but everyday? I love life, even when it feels like it doesn’t love me back and the unimaginable happens. I’m also thankful for the angels who’ve come, gone and who are still with me, filling me and the world with doses of their “beautiful”. Did I mention that I’m thankful for you! Yes, YOU!!! I am :)

I am thankful for videos like the one below, I love the story of the brick wall, uughh! Go Will Smith!

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Tomorrow may never come for someone that you may have in mind, so if you’re holding thoughts of them with unsettled tension, please consider releasing them now. Dare to reach beyond the hardness of your ego, until your fingertips find a soft spot, somewhere deep in your spirit. Allow your hands and heart to close around it and bring about some true forgiveness. Everyone does things at their own pace, however we must remember that tomorrow isn’t always promised regardless of our hopefulness.

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Photo of Ebony Brown by Michael Towns


Cherish The Moment | Sandy’s Wrath

Immersed in autumn’s beauty, I had no idea of Sandy’s wrath, nor of the cold, thicket of snow that would make things evermore difficult for those still without electricity and recovering from this east coast storm. Stay strong, this is an opportunity to connect, to bond, to live and build again, and to begin somewhere, somehow right now. If your life is all that you have and your possessions were washed away, remember that your life is all that you need to begin again today. Cherish the moment, even the tough ones and allow your inner peace to feed your resilience.

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I’m Open

It’s important to leave room for something, or someone other than ourselves, not on  this rubber tire, of course, but in our minds and heart of hearts.

Photo of Ebony Brown by Michael Towns.


Evolve, Grow, Do Better

There are those who will remind you  of your missteps and ill choices, despite your growth and progress, regardless of  the many layers that comprise you and so, we must stay strong.  There are those who will attempt to keep you in a box, like a snapshot Polaroid picture, remembering you as the exact person that you ONCE  were and reject, refuse to accept, learn, or even experience the miracle and beauty that you’ve become, or possibly WERE ALL ALONG. Some will  choose to amplify your shortcomings and flaws, but the thing is, that’s their prerogative – let them! Just live your life and do what makes you happy.

There will be folks who will  opt to tolerate you, rather than celebrate you, and in such a situation you have a choice to stay or to leave. Is anything in between ever worth it? There are those who will claim to love you and say that they’re just being tough on you because they want the best for you. Sometimes they are the very same folks whose presence is most felt when they’re  criticizing, judging and rejecting you. When this happens we have the option to be thankful and to bless them for showing us who they are (in that moment) and even still understand that they too may be going through something.

There are those who’ve gone through their own growing pains, who sometimes manage to speak and act in such a way that comes off as if they’ve forgotten that others grow and learn at their own pace too and in such a case, a little bit of humility goes a long way. Why put down the next human being for where they are in life? I believe that if we can’t extend our hands, then we should close mouths and try opening our hearts…even more than we  may think we have.

“If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. We need not wait to see what others do.” -Ghandi

Love, Light & Peace,

Ebony Brown

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How You Respond Makes The Difference

Energy. I like to surround myself with a lot of it, the good, the great, the creative and beautiful kind, but as we all know, otherwise is inevitable. Negative energy is 24/7 relentless, intently working to sabotage us if we let it. What makes the difference in our stress levels is how we choose to respond to it, including ignoring it. While we may think that we’re being positive, or well intentioned when responding, at times our own negative energy comes to the surface, heating every word spoken, sometimes without us even fully knowing just how ugly we’ve become. Is it always easy to admit when you’re wrong? Who’s never gotten mad and said some things that they realized later on wasn’t the best thing to say?

We could choose to respond better and some of us do, but too often, we opt out and react with the first thing that fills our spirit. For some of us, its some level of anger, or display of defensiveness, as opposed to simply taking things in and allowing it to fully process.  Somehow, yelling or worst tends to feel better in that moment of hurt, rage or out right disappointment. The thing is, while we’re experiencing some type of bad or negative energy in the presence of another human being, it IS possible to ask ourselves, “Will what I’m about to say, heal or hurt, will it build or break?”  and  “Am I thinking, speaking or doing to cut into nerves of the other person, or am I expressing myself to create understanding, peace and resolve? What is more important?

I’m a believer of the powers of the universe and that it ensures that our offenders, violators, haters and trouble makers will encounter the kind of energy that they’ve put into the universe, or in our our path. We need not allow negativity to infect, possess and drive us off a mental cliff, especially because we can choose to not internalize, instigate or perpetuate it, we really can. We only get ONE life! Is any minute of it worth spending on responding erratically or unproductively to whatever has managed to get underneath our skin?

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” -Lincoln

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What is Our Lifespeak? Our Lifespeak is what we tell ourselves and others everyday. I’m convinced that whatever it is that we’re saying throughout our day to ourselves, out loud (not too loud hopefully) or in our heads and to others, play an important role in what WILL manifest that day, the coming days, or in our lives. If we made deliberate efforts to pay attention and take inventory of our self talk  and what and how we speak to others, then we would discover something about ourselves that we may not have really known or have been unconsciously ignoring – be it how negative or positive, or discouraging versus encouraging we really are.

Some of us are already in the habit of being highly conscious of the words that escapes us, and sensitive to it’s potential impact on others and ourselves, and if you are, more power to you! Each one teach one!  Some of us are not very mindful of such and could also be in the habit of asking why (in general, regarding the things that happen in our lives), or why ME, more often than we’d like, and to this, I say, we must ask ourselves, why NOT me (be it good or bad) and really tune into our self-talk, namely our lifespeak.

I realize that I can be really tough on myself and on those closest to me through my lifespeak. I also recognize that there’s a difference between being tough and being negative. When we’re being tough on ourselves or on others, the intent is to encourage better, but when we’re being negative or saying negative things (sometimes not even fully aware of it), we couldn’t possibly be pushing ourselves or anyone else towards better. In actuality, we’re breaking more than building, discouraging more than encouraging,  amplifying more than diminishing our fears and worse, we’re possibly projecting such negativity onto someone else. STOP! Take stock of your thoughts, your words, your actions  and become acquainted with your lifespeak - an ongoing process for me. The learning never stops.

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