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Pineapples, Oregano & Letting Go

I always imagined growing my own food. Pineapple wasn’t exactly what I had in mind to start, but it was a thoughtful gift from a friend so, I was up for the challenge.… Continue reading

The Common Denominator In Your Relationships = You

We are the COMMON DENOMINATOR in our lives and our life experiences. If those who are close to us, even some who aren’t, somehow collectively express similar thoughts about us (pertaining to our… Continue reading

Bring Back Our Girls | 200+ Nigerian School Girls Abducted But Not Forgotten

TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX Nigerian girls abducted from school. I read it. I heard it. I still can’t believe it, but its true. Unacceptable for even ONE girl – two hundred and… Continue reading

The Train Ride

TRUE STORY Snowy and cold, I boarded a Metro North Train with four grocery bags. Two in each hand. They’re freezing, heavy, and my fingers are about to fall off.  After a quick… Continue reading

Stop Trying To Change Her/Him

People will not, and should not BE, who YOU want them to be, live how you want them to live, do what you want them to do, everyone is an individual.  They’re not… Continue reading

Loving You At Your Lowest

Not everyone will be strong enough to cherish and love you at your lowest, or worst, nor will they always choose to be helpful – like say or do something that actually helps… Continue reading

Gifts From The Heart With Artist Patricia van Essche

Where there is a creative soul, wife and mother of three, named Patricia van Essche, there is thoughtful, colorful and brilliant art being contributed to the world. In this case, Patricia van Essche… Continue reading

Art, Activism And Creating With Purpose: Ai Weiwei

Anyone could have talent, be incredibly skilled, or create something that gains some Oooos and ahhhhs, maybe some money, or even some shows, but not everyone will create with purpose, or a burning… Continue reading

New Slaves By Kanye West | A Review

Whoa, Did you see Kanye West’s, New Slaves music video? Please watch first, and then read my words; I want you to have your own first reaction without my commentary prefacing your initial… Continue reading

Testimony of A West Elm Walker | AIDSWalkNY 2013

Drenched and soggy, the West Elm team schlepped, trooped, laughed, and danced in the rain, through a six mile stretch of puddles, mud and pavement, in New York City’s Central Park and Riverside… Continue reading

Sponsor Me For The AIDS Walk New York On Sunday, May 19th

With great pleasure and some palpable sadness, as of today, May 13, 2013, I will be participating in AIDS Walk, New York taking place on May 19th. I’ll be there in memory of… Continue reading

Thank You WordPress!

Dear WordPress, Wow! Thank you for the “Awesome Blogs…” note on your Mixfolio theme page! :) “Thank You WordPress Homepage Image Credit: “WPStarryNight” via

Making HEART Decisions

When you make a real HEART decision, its pure, and no matter the outcome, you should feel good about it, because for what its worth, you took the risk. Hopefully you did your… Continue reading

West Elm Goes Floral With Joseph Richard

What the in the world is in Joseph Richard’s flower water?  A week after floral primping, posing and installation at Williams-Sonoma’s, West Elm Scarsdale store (aka home decor heaven), Joseph Richard’s flowers were… Continue reading

Can’t Hide From Karma

An unspoken, spiritual and universal system of accountability, Karma returns beautiful and amazing deeds, or favors in various forms, including the unfavorable where its due. Karma, the good, the bad and unimaginable skips… Continue reading

We Are More Than Words & Actions

I’d like to believe that most of us are comprised of the stuff that love is made of, but not all of us will act in this vein.  So what are we doing?… Continue reading


Did I mention that I’m thankful for LIFE, not only on Thanksgiving day but everyday? I love life, even when it feels like it doesn’t love me back and the unimaginable happens. I’m… Continue reading


Tomorrow may never come for someone that you may have in mind, so if you’re holding thoughts of them with unsettled tension, please consider releasing them now. Dare to reach beyond the hardness… Continue reading

Cherish The Moment | Sandy’s Wrath

Immersed in autumn’s beauty, I had no idea of Sandy’s wrath, nor of the cold, thicket of snow that would make things evermore difficult for those still without electricity and recovering from this… Continue reading

I’m Open

It’s important to leave room for something, or someone other than ourselves, not on  this rubber tire, of course, but in our minds and heart of hearts. Photo of Ebony Brown by Michael… Continue reading