Cleveland Browns’s Mike Adams Gives Back

In the spirit of Superbowl Sunday, I’m spotlighting Cleveland Brown’s, defensive back, Mike “Pops” Adams, who I photographed during a quick interview break in Patterson, New Jersey. Although he and his team will not be competing in today’s game, he is definitely winning in another area – giving and guiding.

Both, Mike Adams and Arizona Cardinals middle linebacker, Gerald Hayes, give back to the community through their organization, Rising Stars Foundation, Inc.

“Rising Stars Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the conditions of families in low-income areas. Founded in 2006 by Arizona Cardinals middle linebacker Gerald Hayes and Cleveland Browns defensive back Mike “Pop” Adams, Rising Stars was created as a means of giving back to the less fortunate residents of their native Paterson, New Jersey. Through community outreach programs, Rising Stars provides experiential learning, social, cultural and life skills instruction to foster education to the kids who are most often forgotten…” As stated in their mission statement, to read it in its entirety, or to learn more please visit their website:


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  1. Marvelous! It is good to know that people care that deeply. Go Gerald Hayes and Mike Adams!


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