Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Embracing The Unknown

I found myself contemplating the value of embracing the unknown pertaining to people, situations and things. This desire to know more than what is being shared or communicated with me is slowly, but… Continue reading


Collapsed, I am skin and bones, stoic, at the end of my bed and wits. I am outer body experience, opened arms, looking down at my palms, watching each finger close and squeeze… Continue reading

Sending My Love

I’m filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude towards you this Valentine’s Day. I hope you’re in the best of spirits and mood, as well as company, even if you ARE your own company.… Continue reading

Dear Love

Dear Abandoned Love, Forgotten Love Tough Love Sweet Love Heavy Love Stubborn Love Tossed Love On Pause Love What Feels Like Lost Love Or A Lot Of Work Love Tabled Until The Next… Continue reading

The Dark Room Experience

I remember when working in the darkroom was all the rave and shooting digital was some sort of abomination or perversion to the art of photography. To go back even further, there was… Continue reading

Breathe. Release. Renew.

Ralph W. Emerson held my hand here a few times, not literally, but through his literature. Book in hand, I’d come here to relax and read. His words would run their fingers across… Continue reading

Giants Fever In New York City

It was beautiful to be amongst New Yorkers and folks filled to the brim with Super Bowl joy! The experience was bitter-sweet. Located opposite of City Hall Plaza, through the bare, winter trees,… Continue reading

Cleveland Browns’s Mike Adams Gives Back

In the spirit of Superbowl Sunday, I’m spotlighting Cleveland Brown’s, defensive back, Mike “Pops” Adams, who I photographed during a quick interview break in Patterson, New Jersey. Although he and his team will… Continue reading

To Forgive Or Not To Forgive?

To forgive is to LET GO  of something. It is a conscious CHOICE to RELEASE whatever it is that fills our minds with a certain uneasiness or contempt when we THINK of, or… Continue reading