Turn Up The Volume Of Love?

We can turn up the volume of love whenever we want. We could do this by being more attentive and aware of the love that is inside of us and around us. Though we may feel the desire to lead with our hearts, often times we decline to do so. Instead, we over rationalize, we doubt, and we somehow  allow fear rule over our hearts. Luckily for us, this is when our instincts or gut feelings kick in, helping the heart and mind to cooperate to produce the best course of action.

Love is  24/7, around the clock persistent, continuously ticking, working  and fueling our life’s rhythm, specifically our passion and dreams. We need only to be open in order to receive love – giving or showing it is up to us. Need we question love? Love doesn’t hurt, it heals. The more we search inward with deliberate intention to find love, the closer we get to discovering it inside of us and the better we’re able to recognize it in everyone else. I’m convinced that we can indeed turn up the volume of love.

Love frees us from internalizing the shackles of hate, hurt or pain and puts us into a space of opportunity and moments anew, we need only to pay attention. If I learned anything, its not to dwell too long in a space, where the workings of the mind are louder than that of the heart. While adverse emotion could be channeled in ways that accelerate our creativity,  it is the love in our soul that carries a  certain momentum, letting us know if were doing the right thing.

I believe that love is ALWAYS around me and usually working through me, sometimes working  harder than other times, because being lovingly through the tough times, can take its toll on me. It can take its toll on anyone. Love is thriving  in the depths of me, and so I remain open, receptive and connected more and more to those who are willing and also open to sharing their love, freely and unconditionally.

# # #

When in doubt, we should turn up our internal volume of love, and listen for its echos in the folks and the world around us.

Peace, Love & Many Blessings
Ebony Brown


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  1. You write so well. You are truly a special person. Still, as of late I just do not understand your blogs. They are very peotic, and deep. A little too deep for me. Do you care to tell me what this latest blog means?

    • Thank you Steve. I must say for my work to be called, “poetic and deep” is usually something that is considered a compliment and I do appreciate your words, so I don’t want to sound any type of WAY BUT the fact that, “poetic and deep” was followed by a question asking, “what does this blog mean?” lets me know that there’s more for me to work on. I don’t wish for my work to be poetic and deep without a sense of clarity and understanding. I don’t wish for my blog posts to be poetic and deep if it means that my words do not allow readers to connect to them, or if what I’m expressing only appears and sounds beautiful, but does not seem to make sense or a contribution. It would be an honor for me, for my words to sit in the seat of someone’s mind for them to walk away feeling like they got something out of it, some sort of understanding or added perspective. And so, I’m curious, is this entire post a blur? Is there anything here to which you can relate? If so, let me know and I’ll respond in kind.

      • In the first paragraph, you talk about turning up the volume of love. Can you explain that whole first paragraph to me? Please! The problem with the blog is probably with me. The month of January, has not been kind to me. On the 10th I buried my mother. On the 20th I buried my sister in law. With that in mind I am probably mentally not very sharp.

        • *************IN BRIEF*************

          WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO TURN UP THE VOLUME OF LOVE? To “turn up” the volume of love is my metaphor for, increasing or paying MORE attention to the amount of love that we have in our hearts, right now. It also means to increase or pay MORE attention to OUR awareness of ALL of the love that exist around us (from various people and sources).

          ***********THE DETAILS***********

          WHERE DID THE NOTION OF “TURNING UP THE VOLUME OF LOVE” COME FROM? When we “turn up” or increase the VOLUME on a TV, or a Radio, we physically turn a knob or press a button to increase the volume of the sound so we may hear it better. It is true that to “turn up” or increase the volume of LOVE isn’t something that can be technically done because love itself is intangible, there are no knobs or buttons and love itself does not have a physical sound that we could increase or pay more attention.

          However, love DOES have a presence, it has a power. It has a certain resonance that cues us into knowing when we’re feeling it or when someone else is showing it or holding such a regard. IF we’re lucky and IF we’re open to it, we are able to sense it, recognize it, pay attention to it and CHOOSE to either act on it or from it. We are also able to CHOOSE to dismiss it, deny it or ignore it regardless of how much we feel it whether for our own alleged protection or someone else’s. I’m convinced that SHOWING love, and accessing love within ourselves is a choice and I’m not talking about a romantic or Eros love, I’m referring to love in general – something like a certain sincere, wholesome goodness laden with compassion, charisma, empathy and a certain level of consideration existing within ourselves and within others. We can tune in to or recognize this, as soon as we focus our attention on it. When we are consumed with adverse feelings, we become less able to access our loving and/or better self.

          Sometimes when we feel angry, sad, frustrated, hurt, upset, or disappointed, some of us stay in this place for too long. We dwell in it, we mope in it and it eventually blinds us, consumes us, and eats us up whole. It stops us from moving forward and sometimes, it cripples us to a point where we are LESS able to see and access the love that still exist within us, which holds us back from acting from an open and loving place (regarding HOW we show love). We also may find ourselves less able to recognize and feel the love of those around us because we’re too focused on where it IS NOT or where it SEEMS to no longer exist (although it may very well still exist, just not in obvious forms enabling us to feel connected – and we like to feel connected to those whom we love and those who claim to love us too).

          To turn up the volume of love, is to simply, increase our AWARENESS of its existence inside of us and outside of us so that we could in turn ACT more and more from a loving place than from somewhere else such as an adverse place.

          WHAT INSPIRED ME TO WRITE THIS POST? A need to share my perspective in hopes that it would help someone else. It was also inspired by personal experience. A certain disappointment. A certain hurt. Also, something that SEEMED to be a certain lack of consideration. A certain threat to my faith in something that I finally brought myself to believe after some struggle. All of these feelings were amplified in my being and led to me loosing sleep and a little bit of my mind, night after night.

          As I went about my day, for a couple of days, I encountered so many beautiful people and things who were emanating exactly what I was feeling partially void and deprived of and realized that if I just attempted to deliberately pay more attention to what is good, thriving, awesome, reaching and loving within my soul as well as others, then the feelings of this disappointment and hurt would eventually have the opportunity to rest AND allow for LOVE to step up and be the dominant feeling and driving force behind my actions. With this in place, coping or dealing with the hurt or disappointment became easier for me – you can’t heal hurt with hurt or disappointment with more disappointment, you can try healing these things with its exact opposite and at WILL if you’re strong and if YOU really WANT to. If you’re experiencing something that you don’t like, its so easy to operate from this place, lose yourself and also disappoint or hurt those who are closest to you.

          I realized that regardless of what I’m feeling and what I’m going through, I always have the option to dig deeper and to reach further inside myself to access my own LOVE and ACT from that place, and to be open and receptive to others acting from that place as well. Adverse emotions can certainly fuel personal creativity and has led to the greatest books written, the greatest songs sung, the greatest art created and the greatest stories told and so feeling disappointment, hurt and like emotions can actually be a GOOD thing for the creative and strong individual. It enables such folks to cope and grow while they create and also access and reach whatever love that lies within themselves and within others.

          And so, there you have it, turning up the volume of love is very possible and how we do it is different for each of us.

  2. Wow…this is beautiful and quite thought provoking. Such a great post.

  3. Excellent! Your words flow, invite, and embody the essence of Love. I am going to share this with others. It’s pure joy to read and feel and yes there is much clarity!

    • Dr. Costello, Thank you so much! Your comment means a lot me, coming from an authority in the field. I must admit, after reading Steve’s original comment, where he expressed needing further clarity, I wrote that “book of a response” and then decided to go back and edit the original blog post so that all that I meant could be received and understood better, as opposed to being lost in metaphor. Your comment today offers some assurance of success in that effort, and I thank you again!! :)

  4. diaryofasagittarius March 24, 2012 — 3:42 PM

    I always leave your blog in a peaceful state. Now before I ponder what your entry means to my spirit I feel it is very important to add the fact that by default, we will automatically attract into our lives what we put out in terms of love. Once we tap into that deeper side of our spirit and allow ourselves to be vulnerable it is inevitable for people to be influenced just in our presence alone. The problem is many people look at the fear of being hurt and they chicken out. We should always pray for our brothers and sisters who haven’t reached that critical point.

    Also Steve I am sorry for your loss. My mom passed Dec. 2009 so I share your pain. Try to keep your head up! :)

    • This means a lot to me. Your response is so encouraging, so empathetic and beautiful. You are absolutely right about who we attract into our lives and about the fear of hurt. I find myself being vulnerable and open time and time again and I don’t care how many times I am hurt, I am still able to open up fully, love completely (even if it takes awhile) and trust whole heartily. By submitting to fear, rejecting love and clinging steadfast to a state of jaded we’ve single handily handed over our opportunity to enjoy life fully.

      …..My heart goes out to you and Steve for your loss and strength. :)

      • diaryofasagittarius April 12, 2012 — 3:00 PM

        Missing you lady. How r u doing?

        • Awww… sounds good to hear that and thank you for even asking – wow. I am good, working on taking better care of myself first, before tending to everyone else’s needs and wants for a change. When my cup is full and running over, I’ll have more to give and share – right now, I’m re-filling my cup, replenishing, restoring, healing, learning, growing while paying close attention to who and what I’ve allowed into my life and the energy associated there. We only get one life, might as well make it count and share it with those who add to our livelihood, you know?

  5. diaryofasagittarius March 24, 2012 — 3:44 PM

    By turning up the volume you mean tune in and listen…

    • Yes, YOU GOT IT! Tune in and listen not primarily to where you’re NOT feeling the love BUT precisely everywhere around you where the love is pouring in (where you’re not looking) and right inside of you where your love is created and given. :)


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