Turn Up The Volume Of Love?

We can turn up the volume of love whenever we want. We could do this by being more attentive and aware of the love that is inside of us and around us. Though we may feel the desire to lead with our hearts, often times we decline to do so. Instead, we over rationalize, we doubt, and we somehow  allow fear rule over our hearts. Luckily for us, this is when our instincts or gut feelings kick in, helping the heart and mind to cooperate to produce the best course of action.

Love is  24/7, around the clock persistent, continuously ticking, working  and fueling our life’s rhythm, specifically our passion and dreams. We need only to be open in order to receive love – giving or showing it is up to us. Need we question love? Love doesn’t hurt, it heals. The more we search inward with deliberate intention to find love, the closer we get to discovering it inside of us and the better we’re able to recognize it in everyone else. I’m convinced that we can indeed turn up the volume of love.

Love frees us from internalizing the shackles of hate, hurt or pain and puts us into a space of opportunity and moments anew, we need only to pay attention. If I learned anything, its not to dwell too long in a space, where the workings of the mind are louder than that of the heart. While adverse emotion could be channeled in ways that accelerate our creativity,  it is the love in our soul that carries a  certain momentum, letting us know if were doing the right thing.

I believe that love is ALWAYS around me and usually working through me, sometimes working  harder than other times, because being lovingly through the tough times, can take its toll on me. It can take its toll on anyone. Love is thriving  in the depths of me, and so I remain open, receptive and connected more and more to those who are willing and also open to sharing their love, freely and unconditionally.

# # #

When in doubt, we should turn up our internal volume of love, and listen for its echos in the folks and the world around us.

Peace, Love & Many Blessings
Ebony Brown