When Love Wore a Winter Coat (Part 1)

When Love wore a winter coat it could not feel the cold, neither did it know what it was getting into. The lining on the inside  was strong, it kept Love warmer than anyone ever did. It protected Love’s embers, and nurtured its sparks, like cuffed and careful hands carrying a flickering tea candle. The coat whispered  the most beautiful things into Love’s ears and promised Love that if  it kept it on – kept wearing the coat, then their shared warmth would eventually give rise to new forms – a force, and not just any force but one that would glow with blissful fiery and its name would be, Passion. Love’s eyes widened, reflecting a smiling violet sky. The coat told Love that no one would ever be able to see it,  few would be able to  feel it, and many would ignore it, the force that is, and so Passion would have an experience almost like its mother. This saddened Love, and even scared Love, so it went days, and weeks and months, even years without answering the phone, or the door, or incoming letters…

To be continued….

[Image: absolutely-free-pictures.com]