Braiding My Own Hair Into Bantu Knots

The hairstyle pictured is often called, China Bumps or Bantu Knots and is usually done with loose (non-braided) relaxed or natural hair. I thought I’d try my luck by braiding my hair up and giving the Bantu Knots a go – I did it!  Thank you mother, because with out her, I probably wouldn’t have ever learned how to braid my own hair in the first place. After she passed on this gift, she completely abandoned her “hair doing” responsibilities and like a normal 13 year old girl, I had homework, and practice, and science projects, and boys to beat up, you know, kid stuff that she completely infringed upon by leaving it up to me to make myself look half decent. Just kidding about beating up the boys.

At 13 years of age, I had exactly one year to work on my hair braiding skills before the all grown up transition  into the fashion-obsessed, highly-sexed, bully-ridden, metal-detecting world of  High School. It wasn’t all bad and sensationalized, the STEP team and DECA club amongst other things balanced things out. I eventually pulled it off, learned to braid better and better and recouped my dwindling  self esteem. I don’t know about other women, but when my hair looks like crap, I tend to feel further away from good.  And so, here’s my Bantu Knots, hours and hours of work that would have cost me at least $200, $300 or $400 depending upon the salon, all done, every last nook and cranny of a braid completed in the comfort of my apartment. I hope to make a video one day of me doing it. Share your thoughts!

Photos by: Michael Towns
Hair by: Ebony Brown
Model: Ebony Brown